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Had a Previous Bad Experience?

Had a Previous Bad Experience?

You are not alone – so many people have had a painful experience, packed with anxiety, it is no wonder they get into a cold sweat just thinking about a trip to the dentist.

But at Cherwell Heights we have modern equipment, appropriate sedation techniques, and a gentle touch. We give patents time, go at their pace, making sure they feel in control of what’s going on. Some patients start with sedation but build their confidence to reduce their need for medication.

Mr M.M. “I think I was the victim of some over-zealous (and painful) ‘drill-‘n’-fill’ dentistry as a child leaving my teeth vulnerable to break at the slightest peanut…. But now I have had some fine treatment and have all round confidence in what Edvina does for me. Worth every penny!”

So, if you are new to the area, have a particular concern, or are in any way anxious – you are very welcome to come on in and talk to us.

Call 01295 709 500 – we are here to help you.