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Get Advice – Senior Patients

As we get older gums may recede (shrink back) and teeth may become a little more sensitive as a result. Our dental team will be able to show you the best brushing methods to keep any gum problems under control, and may suggest a mouthwash to deal with the sensitivity – the aim is to help your teeth last a lifetime.

However, some may find it more difficult to clean their teeth properly. So, if you have problems with your hands or arms, or if your eyesight is poor we can give you help and advice on the best aids to use – a magnifying mirror and a good light are often helpful.

If you have lost some teeth in the past, and have bridges or dentures, you may have particular cleaning needs and problems. Again, we can help you with these.

Some people take regular medication which makes their mouth dry. Saliva helps to protect your teeth against decay, so if you have less saliva than usual please ask us for advice.

senior patients

We see many patients that are having problems with their dentures. This may be because their bone and gums have shrunk over time, especially during the first six months after any teeth have been taken out. If your gums have shrunk, your dentures may need relining, adjusting or even replacing. And we can offer a number of alternatives to help you restore your smile. Please come and chat to us about this – call 01295 709 500 – we’re here to help

For tips and help to understand the dental needs specific to Senior Citizens, we’ve prepared the following advice. just click and download the pdf below:

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Remember: you are not alone without understanding or support – we help many of our senior patients regain confidence and their smiles.

Come to our ground floor surgery for an informal chat: Call 01295 709500 – we are here to help you.