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Get Advice – Smile Makeovers

If you already feel guilty or embarrassed about your situation, the last thing you want is any reason to feel worse. You don’t need to be scolded into submission, admonished like you’re a naughty child or assaulted by irrelevant ‘factoids’ until your eyes glaze over.

restore your smile

What we give patients are solutions and positive emotional outcomes – we want you to feel the security of good health and the confidence of looking and feeling your best. You’ll get a fresh new start with the hope and promise of a better tomorrow. Our team is dedicated to making you healthy and happy.

Today, many people turn to us for cosmetic dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry’, as a way of improving their appearance. They do this in the same way they might have a new hairstyle or get their legs waxed (temporary), get a tattoo (permanent) or even use cosmetic surgery! Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape or repair teeth and we offer a variety of treatments each suited to particular situations. While we wil l take you through the variety of options that will be right for your needs, below is information on the major treatment options:

  • Veneers – rather like a false finger nail, veneers are thin slices of porcelain which are precisely made to fit over the visible surface of your front teeth. For more information, Click here
  • Crowns – a crown or ‘cap’ is used when a tooth is badly broken or heavily filled, the aim is to restore its appearance and strength. For more information, Click here
  • Bridges – if a tooth is missing, or needs taking out, there are several ways we can fill the gap that is left. One option is to ‘bridge the gap’ by putting a crown on a tooth on one or both sides of the gap and attaching a false tooth in the space or middle. For more information, Click here
  • Dental implants – used to support one or more false teeth, it is a titanium screw replacing the root of a tooth and is placed into the jawbone using a simple local anaesthetic. For more information, Click here
  • Tooth-coloured fillings – used to replace ‘silver’ coloured or amalgam fillings, many are turning to more natural looking versions that don’t show when they laugh or smile. For more information, Click here
  • Tooth whitening – Professional bleaching applies the whitening product to your teeth, using usually hydrogen peroxide (also used to lighten hair colour). This releases oxygen that gets into the enamel on the teeth and the tooth colour is made lighter. For more information, Click here

restore your smile

For information on the different treatments available for restoring your smile, we’ve prepared some helpful advice. Just click and download the pdf below:

PDF Download

So, if you have a particular concern and want to ‘restore your smile’ – you are very welcome to come on in and talk to us. Call 01295 709500 – we are here to help you.