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Routine treatments
Free Initial Consultation Free
New patient examination £52.50
Child Examination (under 18) Free
Large diagnostic x-ray £48.00
Small diagnostic x-ray £20.00
Routine examination £46.00
Emergency appointments available from £70.00
Preventive treatment
Scale & polish with hygienist £58.00
Scale & polish with dentist £66.00
Restorative treatments
Composite fillings (white) from £98.00
Root canal treatment
   Front tooth from £390.00
   Back tooth from £489.00
Crowns £580.00
Cosmetic treatments
Dentures (full upper) from £1250.00
Denture (full lower) from £1250.00
Dentures (partial Chrome metal) from £1450.00
Veneers £590.00
Tooth Whitening (upper & lower)
Bridges, inlays, implants £ TBA – According to
Individual requirements
Extractions from £160.00
Occlusal appliance £480.00
Non Surgical Rejuvenation from £200.00
Intravenous Sedation
Intravenous sedation fee charged hourly rate
(In addition to basic treatment cost)
£240.00 / hour

We always provide a written estimate of any treatment required. For all new patients we are offering three key stages of support:

  • Free initial consultation with our treatment coordinator
  • A 35% discount off your first dental examination – including X-rays

Please call for further information: call 01295 709500 – we are here to help you.

A range of leaflets is readily available – and you’ll discover lots of helpful advice on these web pages.